Is Your Pool Ready for Winters?

It is not very entertaining to own a pool as the winters set in. If you want to utilize your pool during the winter season, what you need is a pool heater for your pool. There are many companies that provide a range of pool heating systems. Some pool heating systems are powered by electricity, some by gas and others by solar energy. Each one has its own costs and benefits and you can choose the one according to your requirements. These can easily be installed by companies dealing in pool maintenance in Brisbane.

Pool heaters can be installed in existing pools as well as newly purchased ones. Choosing the right pool heater can be confusing sometimes. Certain things can be considered before selecting the most appropriate heater for your pool. Whichever pool heater you might choose, installation should be done by a professional pool installation company. In case you attempt to carry out the installation yourself, it might turn out to be more costly as well as potentially dangerous.

There are three main classifications of pool heaters – electric heat pump systems, gas-fired systems and solar-powered systems. Of these, the most efficient are the electric heat pumps. However, these are also the most expensive. These are very durable and may even last for about ten years. In this way it can be cost-effective to have them installed in pools. Electric heaters are more effective in milder climates and not suited for severe winter weather. Gas-fired systems are economical to use and, therefore, have always been a popular choice for most pool owners. These are not very efficient but their efficiency has improved over the years. These are more suited to areas that require heating for a short period of time. Lastly, it is the solar-powered systems. They have high installation costs but they require negligible maintenance and running expenses. These systems make use of renewable energy from the sun through solar panels installed in the roof. These are, therefore, more efficient in sunny areas.

To make the use of pool heaters more effective, you should also buy a pool cover. This will result in fewer loss of water and keep the pool heated for longer time, thus, reducing your heating expenditure.

Start of the winter season does not necessarily mean an end to your swimming sessions in your pool. You can still make the maximum use of your pool by having pool heaters installed to keep the water warm for swimming. For proper installation, pool builders in Brisbane can be consulted so that all installation works gets done in the precise and accurate manner.