When only the Best Swimming Pool Will Do

Nothing quite says summer and summer fun quite like a swimming pool. Building a swimming pool is a complex matter – not only does it need to be constructed properly, the area around the pool needs to be properly designed and legally speaking, there are some safety requirements that need to be adhered to.

Who could be more professional than John Clark Pools and Renovations? With over twenty five years of experience in the industry and having won several prestigious awards over the years, John Clark Pools and Renovations is the ideal company to create your dream pool area. Our team will work with you to make your dream of summer fun come true. We specialise in concrete in ground swimming pools that are completely tailor-made – we long ago learned that a one size fits all solution is not the solution that most people are looking for.

Being leaders in the pool construction industry, we pride ourselves in innovative design coupled with good old-fashioned personalised service. We look on our clients as part of our family and we believe in brilliant after sales service. We can not only build your dream pool for you, we can also help you take care of it afterwards. We have a division that specializes in pool maintenance and repair. We can set up a simple cleaning schedule that will take all the pressure off you – all you will need to do is jump in the pool and enjoy it and leave all the heavy lifting and cleaning to us. Should any of your pool’s machinery go on the blink, we can send a team out to fix it for you.

Jenny from South Brisbane wanted a pool but her yard was a funny shape – there was no way a standard pool would be able to fit. After consulting with us, she decided on an L-shaped pool and a small pool deck. Jenny says that the pool is perfect for her and that she is delighted. She couldn’t believe how quickly the pool went in and found that the after sales service was amazing. What she really appreciated was that the team was so friendly and that they gave her what she wanted – not what they thought she should have.

Chris is one of those guys who love all the bells and whistles and really wanted something that not everyone on the block would have. He was blown away by the custom design John Clark Pools / came up with. What impressed him most was that the pool became a reflection of his own personal style – clean lines and something that was out of the ordinary. Chris also opted to have us take care of his pool. He loves the professional service he gets – a businessman that is always travelling, he needs a professional pool service to be there even when he isn’t and he was excited that we could do that for him.