Renovations & Repairs

Is your pool or equipment needing a makeover?

We can re-render, re-construct, repair or re-plumb almost any pool and have it looking like new again. This includes interiors and tiling.

In addition, pumps, chlorinators and other filtration equipment can be installed, fixed or replaced by our fully trained staff. All equipment can either be purchased in-store, or we can also provide you with a quote for the purchase and installation of the equipment by one of qualified technicians.

Add Value and Rejuvenate the Back Yard with a Pool Make-Over

Do you have an ageing pool that is looking dated but have shuddered at the thought of pulling it all out and starting again? Have you just renovated your house to look sleek and modern, only to find that the whole pool area now looks old and shabby? Did you know that just as a house can have a complete make-over and look fantastic, a pool can too?

It is no secret that homes that retain their value through the years are those that have been subject to regular, ongoing maintenance and refurbishing. This process should include the fencing, driveways, gardens and of course, the pool. Unless a holistic approach is taken to keeping your biggest asset at the top of its game, it will quickly drop in value.

Perfect Opportunity for New Ideas

Many exciting design changes and technical advances have taken place in the pool building industry over the last twenty or so years. Undertaking pool renovations in Brisbane puts all of these new ideas on the table for the householders who want their pool area to be the fun-filled, relaxing place it once was. A tired, old pool doesn’t have that exciting look about it that once drew the family to its cooling waters on a steamy summer day.

Save Money on Pool Repairs

Apart from the appearance of a renovated pool, the cost of on-going maintenance is reduced as visits from the pool repair people in Brisbane are no longer necessary. A pool renovation can include repairs, re-plumbing, new equipment such as pumps, chlorinators, filtration equipment, tiling and interior work where required. Once the work is finished, it is as good as a new pool, with the added bonus of looking a million dollars, as old brickwork and paving is rendered or given some other modern look.

An old, uninteresting pool that has languished and been rarely used for some years will suddenly become the focal point of family fun and entertainment after a pool renovation. Suddenly, the back yard that has been abandoned for other pursuits becomes a place to gather, swim, play, barbeque and generally hang out with family and friends.

If you have an old pool that has become an eyesore and is now just taking up space, free it up for fun and frivolity with a pool renovation. The back yard becomes alive again, the house regains its glamorous appeal and the value of the whole property is immediately restored.