Pool Safety Tips

Pool safety has always been a major source of concern in Australia due to the alarming number of deaths in children as a result of drowning incidents. The pool safety laws have been revised time and again to make sure that there is an increased level of safety in and around the pool area. For better pool maintenance in Brisbane, it is important that all possible steps should be taken to make swimming in home pools a safer experience. One of the important factors is installation of the right type of pool fence.

There are several pool safety measures that can be taken to prevent accidents in and around the pool area. These measures mainly focus on pool fencing, gates opening to the pool area, and windows providing direct access from the house to the pool area.

Pool fencing plays a major role in prevention of accidents. It serves as an effective barrier, especially to children under the age of four. According to the pool safety laws, pool fence should not be less than 1.2 metres high. Also, all objects around the pool fence must be removed to make sure the child or any other intruder cannot climb in. These include pots, timber, furniture or any other object that could be used to climb up the fence. Also, you should trim all tree branches around the pool fence.

Gates to the pool area should only swing outward from the pool area. They should have latching devices installed at a height that is difficult for small children to reach. This is usually more than 1.5 mm high. The gates should also be self closing.

It is a good idea to have windows opening into the pool area for easier supervision. Apart from these measures, you should also have a CPR sign around the pool area and it should be placed at a place that is clearly visible. The gates should not be left open after using the pool. Regular maintenance is also required for the pool fence, gates and latches to make sure these are working in order. The pool safety authorities keep on revising the pool safety requirements to make swimming a safe and enjoyable activity for everyone. These laws should be strictly followed to prevent disasters.

Home swimming pools can have an added security and safety with application of all pool safety laws. It is very important to make sure pool safety laws are followed according to the required standards. Pool builders in Brisbane can be consulted for better guidance regarding this.