Benefits of Water Softeners for Your Pool

There are many things that need to be done to keep the pool water safe and healthy. Chlorine shock treatment is a common method used by pool owners and pool maintenance companies to make the water clean and sanitized. High levels of calcium and magnesium ions in the water cause water hardness. When there is an imbalance of pH and alkalinity in the water, water sanitizers do not work as efficiently. This leads to growth of bacteria and algae in the pool water and may cause skin rashes and eye irritations. To avoid all this, water softeners and conditioners are used to reduce the effects and damage caused by hard water.

Pool maintenance in Brisbane has to be done on a regular basis so that pool water always stays healthy and sanitized. Water softeners and conditioners are extensively used to remove the hardness from water supply. There is different application of water softeners used depending on the amount of water and the level of water hardness. This is done with the ionic exchange treatment. A brine tank, filtering unit and valves are used to replace ions of minerals that cause water hardness – calcium and magnesium – with sodium or potassium ions. Hard water is filtered through negatively charges plastic beads that are soaked in brine. The calcium and magnesium ions are attracted to these negatively charged beads and are replaced with sodium ions.

There can be many problems associated with hard water in pools. Water hardness leads to scales and build-up in pipes. The water flow is decreased causing blocking of pipes. Another problem with hard water is that it can cause water spotting, filming and scratches on pool tiles. The swimmers might experience dry skin, irritation in eyes and hair tangles.

There are several considerations to be made when using water softeners. Before applying water softeners, it is important to test the pool water for pH, alkalinity and levels of calcium and magnesium. Depending on the test results, appropriate levels of water softeners are used. This can be done by hiring services of pool maintenance and pool builders in Brisbane. These professionals have more knowledge and the right equipment to carry out the task effectively.

A swimming pool is a source of fun, relaxation and exercise for everyone. It needs to be properly maintained so that there is no discomfort caused to the swimmers and damage to the pools. Application of water softeners keeps the water safe and healthy for use. It also prevents the pool from getting damaged.