Benefits of a Solar Pool Cover

A solar pool cover is a tool that is used to heat the pool using solar energy. It is made from large vinyl covers that collect the heat from the sun and redirect the rays to heat the pool in a natural manner. These are more cost-effective than other heating systems used for pools. They are also very suitable for pool maintenance in Brisbane as they are able to provide the required protection for the pool. Solar pool covers are highly beneficial in the autumn / winter season as they extended the timeframe for the annual pool usage.

Benefits of a solar pool cover

Durability – There are many different types of pool covers available. Solar pool cover is thicker than most pool covers and able to withstand more extreme weather conditions.

Reduced heating costs – A solar pool cover performs dual functions for keeping the pool water warm. One, it redirects the sun rays to heat the pool water in a natural way. Two, it prevents the heat from escaping. With the use of solar pool cover, the heating costs can be reduced considerably. Other pool heating systems can be very expensive to install as well as to maintain because of the huge running costs.

Environment friendly – Solar energy causes no harmful emissions and is very safe for the environment as compared to other heating options used for pools.

Versatility – A solar pool cover can be used for an inground pool as well as pool constructed above ground.

Protection – If not properly covered, pool water can be a host to debris, bugs and leaves that can damage the pool liner and filter system. There can also be a presence of mould and mildew growth. Another danger is of fading and formation of cracks in the pool liner in case of excessive direct heat from the sun. A solar pool cover is very suitable in providing the adequate insulation. This also means there will be lower costs of cleaning the pool water and less use of chemicals.

Extended swimming period – You can enjoy swimming even in colder months when you use the solar pool cover.

Less effort – Solar pool cover also leads to reduced evaporation of water so there is lesser requirement for a refill. There is also less need for pool cleaning.

Solar pool cover is one of the most effective ways of keeping the pool water warm especially in the colder months. Due to the many benefits these provide, consumers are switching to solar pool covers and these are also opted by many pool builders in Brisbane rather than other types of pool covers.