Tips on Maintaining your Pool

Regularly cleaning your pool is a must to prevent your pool from being damaged and costing you more than the expense for regular maintenance. It is also a very good idea to keep your pool clean all the time, so you and your family can have a clean and safe pool to use, especially during the hot summer months.

Here are tips to keep your pool clean and inviting.

Keep your Pool Filter Clean

It is strongly recommended that DE pool filters be dismantled and cleaned every 12 months. DE filters must be backwashed when the clean pressure hits four pounds. Cartridge filters must also be cleaned every 12 months and sprayed down regularly during the entire year.

Monitor the Conditioner Level

Chlorine is prevented from evaporating too quickly by using pool conditioner. The conditioner level is commonly maintained between 50 and 80 part per million. Ensure that the pool has the right amount of chlorine as the hot temperatures hit.

Trim the Trees and Plants

The plants and trees surrounding your pool may be beautiful, but they can actually cause problems with your pool. Organic material is one of the reasons why algae grow in water. Leaves that drain into your pool will cause algae to flourish. In addition, if the fertilizer used on your plants or trees is iron based, the fertilizer will leave stains if it gets in contact with the pool plaster. The stains can be removed, but it will be extra work to get rid of the dirt.

Use Solar Blankets

Cover you pool with a solar blanket to maintain the pool’s even temperature night and day. A plastic pool cover can also be used, but do not cover the pool with it and then forget about it. Plastic pool covers reduce the pool’s pH level, so the cover must be taken off at least once a day every week to allow the pool to breath. Make sure the pool is covered again before night falls.

Hire a Professional Pool Cleaner

Pool owners can do the task of removing leaves that have fallen on their pools and other simple cleaning jobs. But for handling filtration, chlorination, and pump repairs and upgrades, they will need a pool maintenance expert. 

An experienced and qualified pool technician will provide regular cleaning and maintenance services on your pool and equipment, depending on the frequency you choose, at very affordable rates. A professional pool cleaner will be responsible for keeping your pool clean and sparkling throughout the year, even when not in use.