Tips for Maintaining Salt Water Pools

Cleaning and maintenance of salt water pools is not much different from the traditional chlorine pools. However, there are a few differences between the two. Unlike chlorine pools, salt water pools do not need to be chlorinated and, therefore, require lesser pool maintenance in Brisbane. Salt water makes its own chlorine and keeps the pool sanitized for longer. It is, however, impacted by changes in temperature, sunlight, rainfall and the extent of use. Each of these factors could have a different affect on the condition of the pool and will require appropriate cleaning and maintenance measures.

To ensure you have a sparkling pool, here are some useful tips for particular pool conditions:

Cloudy or dirty water – This situation generally arises when the filter is unclean. After cleaning the basket and screen of the filter, if the problem of cloudy or dirty water persists then you need to check the calcium levels in the water. To bring the calcium level back to normal, certain commercial products can be used.

Rusting of metal parts – This happens when there is an unbalanced PH level or other chemicals in the pool water. Check these regularly and if there is still rusting observed, this could be happening because of the salt itself. To prevent this, remove the metal, remove the rust and apply a sealant before replacing it in the water.

Greasy water – The main contributing factor to this problem is large number of swimmers. The oils from the skin get mixed with water causing greasy pool water. There are off-the-shelf products available to remove these but these should be used with care as some of these products might not be appropriate for salt water pools.

Greyish build-up on the tiles – In salt water pools there are high chances of calcium build up on the pool’s pump, filter as well as along the pool’s tiles. If this happens, these areas, as well as pool water, have to be cleaned otherwise there could be clogging problems faced.

One of the most important things to remember is that all products chosen for the maintenance of salt water pools must be checked whether they are appropriate for salt water pools or not. This is because some products used for cleaning traditional chlorine pools cannot be used for salt water pools.

Pool builders in Brisbane provide all information and assistance for proper cleaning and maintenance of salt water pools. Each particular problem regarding sanitation and maintenance has to be dealt with a unique technique and a specific product.