The Problem of Cloudy Pool Water

Just imagine, you go out to your pool, ready for a nice long swim only to find that the water is cloudy. Why does this occur? There are a number of reasons that cause cloudy water in pools in Brisbane. From unbalanced water chemistry to mould, issues like these can be problematic and require immediate action. They can also indicate a situation where bacteria and other elements can create illness and irritated eyes.

Pool Chemistry

One of the primary culprits for causing cloudy water is pool chemistry that is out of balance. If the chlorine level becomes lower than recommended levels, there is not enough to sufficiently sanitize the water. It not only becomes cloudy, but also can become a breeding ground for algae and bacteria. Testing the chlorine level regularly and keeping it at the right levels will help to prevent this problem and keep the water clean. Chlorine is not the only factor involved here.

Another problem that can create this issue is poor water filtration. If calcium carbonate happens to build up in the water, accumulation can also occur in the filters, reducing the filtration. This can also occur if your pump is not up to speed, creating a situation where water is not flowing in and out of the filter properly. If you properly maintenance your pool and its hardware, this problem can be eliminated.

Other Reasons

If your pool happens to have a busy day with a lot of swimmers, the water can easily become cloudy. The higher the number of people, the higher the amount of various materials from their bodies that will be added to the water. It can often overwhelm the chlorine level, leaving a hazy mess behind. Administering a shock treatment, or adding a higher level of chlorine, creates a barrier against this kind of situation. People often do this if they have a busy day planned in the water with a lot of friends and family.

Algae that has got a good start growing in your pool will create a cloudy mess. It announces its presence by making the pool walls slimy and changing the pool water to a greenish colour. Additionally, organic matter or phosphates present in rain water may contribute towards cloudy water and may require either a starver or phosphate treatment. When designing a new pool or spa, the pool construction firm in Brisbane from the very start needs to keep ongoing pool maintenance in mind. Speaking with a pool professional regarding maintenance, proper pool chemistry and trouble shooting can help to prevent cloudy pool water before it can begin. This makes sure that you have clean, clear and well maintained water to swim in.