Swimming Pool Fencing and Repairs

Constructing a new house or remodelling an older one requires a whole range of tasks and careful monitoring at each step. The reason is that faulty construction will need to be redone later and it might prove hazardous and unsafe. Every region has their own construction laws defined to prevent any accidents that might occur because of negligence during construction. A very common accident that has often resulted in being fatal is unsupervised children drowning in the swimming pools. When constructing new ones or having pool repairs, the safety laws for pools in Brisbane need to be paid special attention to. Failure to do so may result in facing fines and penalties later.

It is required by law to have gated swimming pool fence installed even if the construction had been done years ago. When buying, selling or leasing a property that has a swimming pool, mortgage brokers should be consulted to give proper guidance and information regarding the new laws and regulations. The governments keep on revising the laws in order to make it safer for unsupervised children around the swimming pool area. There have been some new developments in the legislations regarding swimming pool fencing. Unsupervised children under the age of five are to be restricted from swimming pool access. If there is 300 millimetres of water or more than that, compliant, safe and structural pool fencing is essential. There should be warning signs posted nearby if the swimming in under construction or repairs.

The city councils conduct regular inspections as part of the compliance program. If there are any discrepancies found, notice is issued and in some cases the officer may levy a fine ranging from a few hundred dollars up to thousands of dollars. To avoid this inconvenience it is a good idea to get a building approval for building and maintaining a swimming pool on your premises. In some cases, an exemption might be given for this rule for the disabled occupants who might face difficulty accessing the pool in the presence of a fence. In all other cases, compliance certificates are required which ensure that minimum requirements have been met.

Property buying and selling can be a time consuming and tiresome task and need to be handled with much care to avoid overlooking necessary details. There are so many laws regarding various aspects of construction and repairs that need to be adhered to. Mortgage brokers can provide all guidance for construction, remodelling and pool repairs in Brisbane to ensure more safety for the occupants.