Pool Maintenance is a Breeze

When it comes to keeping their pools clean, a lot of pool owners opt to do this on their own. Whilst, on the surface, this may seem like a way to save money, it can end up being a very costly option in the long run. Maintaining a pool is about more than just chucking a few cups of chemicals in once a week – it is about maintaining a delicate balance in the pH level of the pool, in making sure that the water is clear and sanitary, in keeping the pool clear of debris and also making sure that the pool equipment is in tip top working shape.

A professional will quickly be able to suss out when your pool equipment is taking strain or whether or not it needs to be serviced. You need to remember that there are all sorts of filters that need to be replaced regularly and also need to be cleaned properly in between in order to remove the build-up of minerals. Doing this properly needs someone with a fair amount of expertise but is well worth any outlay of money because it will extend the life of your pool equipment and ensure that it works at maximum efficiency.

Getting the pH balance is also important – not only to ensure that your family has a safe and pleasant swim, but also to ensure the longevity of your pool. Too much pool acid, etc. can actually damage the pool lining over time. Getting the chemical balance right can be a somewhat difficult process.

Of course, in today’s busy world, we simply do not all have enough time to carry out the maintenance as it should be done. A lot of people find that it is not only more sanity saving but also more cost effective in the long-run to hire a team of professionals. John Clark Pools and Renovations has been in the industry for more than a quarter of a century and strives to ensure that your pool looks fantastic all year round. John Clark Pools and Renovations stand behind their high levels of service and are proud members of the Swimming Pool and Spas Association.

Claire, being a single mother, initially tried to look after her pool herself and it seemed to be going okay for a while. It was when the pump blew because it hadn’t been serviced that she realised that she needed some help. She called John Clark Pools and Renovations up at the insistence of a friend – she was concerned that it would work out too costly – and was pleasantly surprised at how affordable it was. What impressed her most was that they didn’t insist on a weekly schedule – every second week or once a month were also options. She also felt that the technician was great – he gave her some great tips on pool maintenance between visits. She says that she’ll never go back to looking after her own pool again.

Sandra and her husband, Bill, are your typical high-flying couple. The little time they do get to spend at home, they certainly don’t have time to fiddle around with pool chemicals, etc. It was only because of insistent nagging by the kids that they installed a pool in the first place. They chose John Clark Pools and Renovations as their pool construction company and consequently set up a pool maintenance plan with them as well. They say that they were blown away from day 1 by the service they received. According to Bill, the emphasis is definitely on giving the client what they are looking for and in more than delivering on their promises.

If you want to enjoy a clean and sparkling pool all year round, contact John Clark Pools and Renovations / for all your pool care needs.