It’s all Going Swimmingly

There is little that can be said against having your own swimming pool – especially in the middle of our hot and sweltering summers. With pool maintenance having become so much easier, if budget allows, there is little excuse for not having a swimming pool.

Customise it

One complaint that people often have when it comes to pools though, is that there often seems to be a ‘one size fits all’ approach even amongst some of the best pool construction companies. For years, this approach has made it impossible for people with smaller yards or unusually shaped yards to get a pool.

John Clark Pools and Renovations is one pool design and construction company with a difference. They set out to create innovative designs that perfectly complement your tastes and lifestyle. They will design your new pool from scratch, using the space you have to best advantage.

Make it Your Own

And let’s face it; none of us really want a pool that looks like any one of thousands. What we really want is a pool area that fits in perfectly with our lifestyle and makes a statement about us. Designing a pool is not just about the shape of the pool itself but also about the surrounds.

At John Clark Pools and Renovations, they believe that every pool needs the perfect surrounds to complete it. They will sit with you to come up with your own idea of what a pool sanctuary should be like.

It is Also Practical

Having a pool custom-built is also a very practical consideration. Although customised pools are generally more aesthetically pleasing, they can also help to make the best use of space that wouldn’t accommodate a standard-sized pool.

Pools can be made in any shape or form really, and that is where the customisation of your pool actually comes into its own. You can create a secluded grotto or tropical beach feel and choose a pool design to match.

The shape of the pool is not the only design aspect that can be customised – you can choose to have mosaic inlaid into the floor, for instance, or select a contrasting base colour for your pool in order to be really different – the choices are endless.

One Caution

You do need to work with a team of professionals. This is not the kind of job that you just hand over to any old contractor. It is better to work with a team that specialises in designing and building pools rather than an all-round general contractor.

The team at John Clark Pools and Renovations have managed to strike the perfect balance between award-wining innovative design and great customer service, in order to allow the client to really come out tops.

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