In Ground Versus Above Ground Pools

A swimming pool is a wonderful addition to your home, providing hours of entertainment and a great source for plenty of exercise and fun in your daily life. Once you have made the decision to get a pool, the next – and most important – decision to make is whether to get an above ground or an in-ground pool. Below, we take a look at the pros and cons of each style and explain why most Brisbane pool builders will tell you that in-ground pools are generally your best bet.

Above Ground Pools

As a less expensive option, above ground pools are quite popular. People see the lower price tags and almost immediately find them much more attractive. Indeed, the cost of these pools is their biggest selling point. However, any pool construction company will tell you that the durability and appearance of above ground pools are their biggest downfalls and it is important to weigh the differences.

On an aesthetic level, above ground pools can often be less pleasing. Rather than blending in with the overall landscaping and look of your yard, above ground pools can disrupt the ambiance and flow of the area. They not only take up a great deal of space, but they stand out. Although they do come in many colours and styles, none of them quite make up for the unattractive effect they cause.

Also, above ground pools often have the downfall of not being very durable. Pool companies are sure to tell you that these pools simply don’t last very long, in general. Although they have the option of being portable, their likelihood of surviving a move is not very good. It is not surprising that statistics show many people who have purchased above ground pools in the past choose not to do so ever again, with the average cost for pool repair Brisbane wide considered to be more expensive.

In-ground Pools

On a purely aesthetic level, in-ground pools are clear winners. They can be designed in many intriguing ways, actually adding to the style of your yard rather than detracting from it. There are many options for in-ground pools, including whether to select vinyl lined, pebble or tiled finish on a durable concrete shell. From there, you can choose many different shapes for your pool, allowing you to more effectively use Brisbane landscape design to flow nicely with your yard’s look.

Brisbane pool builders will attest to the durability of in-ground pools, as well. It is not unusual at all for in-ground pools to last for decades. Unlike their above ground counterparts, in-ground pools can withstand much more in terms of the elements and general wear and tear. There is no question that in-ground pools are excellent investments; people who select this style of pool do not need to worry about their pool becoming unusable in short order. Keeping these things in mind is critical when selecting a pool to enjoy for years to come.