How to Find the Right Swimming Pool Pump

You can buy swimming pool pumps in your local pool equipment and chemicals retail store. But with many items and factors to consider, shopping for a pool pump can be a daunting task for the average pool owner. You can get the advice from your local retail shop or pool maintenance guy, but it is also important to have some helpful information on how to choose the pump that best suits your requirements.

What Does a Pool Pump Do?

The swimming pool pump is the heart of a pool system, just like a car’s heart is its engine. It is a main component of the filtration process. What a pump does is circulate water through the pool’s filtration system, mixing chemicals and sanitising the water to keep away contaminants such as algae.

Aside from circulating water, the pool pump is responsible for cleaning and filtering the water in the pool. The filtration process cleans all the dirt and grime in the pool and eliminates the microscopic algae and bacteria that pose health risks to all pool users.

The pump also ensures the even distribution of chemicals in the pool. Swimming pool chemicals are used to sterilise the water and reach the ideal pH levels. Through water circulation, the pump is able to ensure that every part of the swimming pool gets the right amount of chemicals. This makes the pool water safe for swimming.

Tips When Shopping for a Pool Pump

Just as it is important to buy a good quality pool pump, it is also critical to choose the right pump for swimming pools. Installing the right pump allows your pool to run at optimum levels at all times, resulting in fewer breakdowns, stress-free maintenance, reduced energy costs and extended equipment life.

Before going to your local pool supplies store, there are four items you need to know for sizing your pool pump: pool capacity, flow rate and turnover, maximum flow rate and resistance.

After you have learnt the number of gallons in your pool, the flow rate needed for the turnover you desire as well as the maximum flow rate for your pool filter, you can consult the pump manufacturer’s performance charts available in your pool supplies store to identify the right model and horsepower that is appropriate for your pool.

Check several pool supplies stores to find the pool pump that fits your requirements. A good pool pump will make sure you enjoy your swimming time as you won’t need to worry that it is unsafe to use. For more information about pool pumps in your local pool supplies shop, visit