How Pools Can Be Cost Efficient – And Energy Efficient

When it comes to owning a pool, being energy efficient and keeping costs at a minimum really do go hand in hand. One of the biggest worries that most people have when considering having a pool installed is the costs associated with keeping it running; you can ask any Brisbane pool builders operation, and they will confirm it. Fortunately, there are many great tips for not only reducing the energy usage of your new pool, but also in reducing the costs associated with running it.

Cover It Up

Keeping a pool at a comfortable temperature is important to most homeowners; after all, nobody wants to swim in frigid, freezing water. However, running your pool’s heater day in and day out can seriously rack up your electric bill – and waste an enormous amount of energy. In lieu of relying too heavily on a pool heater, then, you should look for other ways to keep your pool at a pleasant temperature. Most pool renovations Brisbane contractors will tell you that using a solar cover is the way to go.

Although many people buy solar covers with good intentions, many rarely use theirs. If you don’t use it, though, you do not enjoy any of their benefits. When having a pool installed, make sure to buy a solar cover – and use it often. Putting it on and off can be simplified by having a special roller installed along with your underground pool. Either way, if you make covering it up when not in use a habit, you will see that your energy bills go down – and your energy consumption lessens, too.

Location Is Everything

To further ensure that your pool maintains a pleasant temperature – without relying too heavily on its energy-guzzling heater – make sure you have it installed in a predominantly sunny area in your yard. Avoid having your pool installed in a shady part of your yard that is dark much of the day. Placing it where the sun shines allows it to soak up the rays, keeping in naturally warm and lessening your reliance on the pool heater.

Manage Your Pool’s Pump

When having a new pool installed, don’t skimp on the pump that comes with it. Spending a little extra money on a more efficient pump is a great way to save money and reduce energy use. Poorly designed pumps tend to run roughly – and continuously. More efficient pumps can be timed to run only periodically – and use a lot less energy when they are operating. Any decent pool renovations Brisbane company can direct you toward high quality pool pumps that will allow you to keep your energy costs low – and prevent you from wasting too much energy, too.