Giving Your Pool a Summer Facelift

When summer starts showing its smile and days get longer, homeowners start thinking about their swimming pool. This is the time to prepare through careful attention to the pool’s mechanical system, chemicals and cleanliness. If you are wanting to take it a step further, consider swimming pool renovations. Your pool will not only be ready to jump into but can have an entirely new look and atmosphere for your summer fun.


Swimming pools in Brisbane have to start out the summer clean and sanitized. It’s always a great idea to start off the season by using a manual brush and a pool vacuum even if your pool is equipped with an automatic system. In particular, make sure that you pay attention to all of the hard to reach places such as the corners of the stairs as they tend to get minimal water circulation. When you are going through the process of cleaning the surface, keep a wary eye out for any visible cracking or any other damage. These are problems that need to be repaired now.

The pumps and filters also need to be inspected and sanitized as instructed by the manufacturer. Also, keep an eye our for cracks or defects that they may contain. If they show any damage, replace them immediately. The last part of your preparation steps is to treat the water and make sure that the chemical levels are right to keep the water free from bacteria and other harmful agents. You can either use a commercial test kit to check the chlorine level or take a sample of your water to a retailer of pools in Brisbane to give you a readout of your pool’s calcium levels, algae content and presence of bacteria.


If while cleaning your pool, you notice a large number of surface cracks and that your filters are out of date, it might be time to consider swimming pool renovations. A professional company can come out, assess your situation and do a thorough job on your pool. This can include repair of cracks, replacement of filters and worn out pumps. They can also help you to give a new look to your pool. This can even include the landscaping around the pool, a new surface, or even a total overhaul.