Cool Off This Summer With a Pool

Summer’s on its way and boy it’s starting to heat up! There is no better way to cool off, then to laze around in a pool, sipping a nice cool glass of water full of ice cubes. Pool parties are also a fun way to cool off with friends, as summer is time for barbecues, picnics and swimming.

Children also love swimming, probably more than the adults do, so we need to make sure our children are safe. With the new fencing laws that have come into place and the 5 year compliance to be adhered to, you will need to find qualified contractors to help you make sure that your pool is up to code. Searching on the Internet for pools in Brisbane is a great way to find qualified trades persons.

Here is a basic guide to the laws governing pool owners:

As of October 1st, 2003 – There must be a CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) sign displayed in plain sight in or near the pool area.

To avoid accidents and potentially serious injuries, when a pool is under construction, a sign must be displayed stating this fact.

The main laws governing pools are those of fencing. An appropriate fence must be installed and maintained at all times.

The only time there is any exceptions to these laws are when there is an occupant with a disability which prevents them from entering the pool.

Also if you purchase a home with a pool already installed, then you must obtain a compliance certificate within 90 days of settlement.

Over the next few years, these laws will be refined. The important thing is for current pool owners to make sure they are in compliance with these laws. These laws are made to save lives, especially those of young children that love water but cannot swim. It is for their safety that these laws have been made.

You need to keep your filters serviced to keep the pools sparkling clean. Swimming pool renovations can sneak up on you if you aren’t prepared. Pools take a lot of wear and tear although they can be damaged. It’s also important to maintain the tiles around your pool, sometimes they can become slimy with moss and can make it dangerous. Their are special cleaning products you can obtain to help rid your tiles of moss. Your pool will need to have its PH levels checked and chlorine needs to be added in the right quantities. A great way to help maintain your pools cleanliness and water levels is to use a pool blankets. There are also a great range of fantastic, fun pool games and flotation devices available.