Blanket your Pool this Winter with Solar Pool Covers

Solar pool covers can help you save money when it comes to keeping your pool warm and can also save you some time when it comes to cleaning the pool – after all, if debris doesn’t go into the pool in the first place, the water stays cleaner.

If you speak to any pool builders in Brisbane, they will say that the most important aspect when looking for a solar pool cover is to find one that actually fits your swimming pool. If need be, trim the edges so that it fits properly. They will also advise that you get a reel that is either manual or automatic to make covering and uncovering the pool much simpler.

When installing the reel, you need to make sure that, when unrolled, the bubbles will face the water, not the sky. It’s better to put the reel at the deep end of the pool – that way you can easily uncover the shallow end if you just want to go into the pool for a quick dip. Never swim under the cover though, this is dangerous.

If you have a very big pool, you may find it best to either have two people unrolling the reel to cover the pool. Alternatively, consider automating the whole process. Either way, make sure that the cover is rolled out over the pool in a slow and smooth movement.

The cover heats up the water by intensifying the sun’s rays and not allowing the water and heat to evaporate or escape. Leave it on for a few days to really intensify the effects and make sure to only unroll the cover when someone actually wants to swim.

When you are ready to swim, simply roll up the cover – make sure that it rolls up evenly. When you are done, put the cover back into place again and let it carry on heating up the water.

Kids and animals should not be allowed to swim whilst the pool cover is in place. Not only is it dangerous to do so, but the pool cover will also be ripped and will need to be replaced. According to a Brisbane swimming pool construction company, the danger of jumping into the pool when the cover is on lies in the fact that you can easily get caught up in it and drown.

In general, like any other tool, a pool cover is very useful and needs to be properly taken care of to be at its best. It more than repays the investment over time because it allows you to swim in comfortable water for a lot longer than would otherwise have been possible.