Taking the Plunge

There is little that makes a house more of a home than making alterations and renovating according to your taste. Few renovations to homes are more practical and more aesthetically pleasing than custom pools. Swimming pools make a great feature in the garden and also create a luxurious oasis that you can retreat to in the heat of the day or after a long day in the office. People obviously look towards professional pool builders more during the hot summers so that they can really up the comfort of their homes.

It does take a while to design your perfect oasis so you really should start looking into it a good few months before you hope to enjoy the pool.

When only the Best Swimming Pool Will Do

backyard swimming pool

Nothing quite says summer and summer fun quite like a swimming pool. Building a swimming pool is a complex matter – not only does it need to be constructed properly, the area around the pool needs to be properly designed and legally speaking, there are some safety requirements that need to be adhered to.

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Is Your Pool Ready for Winters?

It is not very entertaining to own a pool as the winters set in. If you want to utilize your pool during the winter season, what you need is a pool heater for your pool. There are many companies that provide a range of pool heating systems. Some pool heating systems are powered by electricity, some by gas and others by solar energy. Each one has its own costs and benefits and you can choose the one according to your requirements. These can easily be installed by companies dealing in pool maintenance in Brisbane.

Pool heaters can be installed in existing pools as well as newly purchased ones.

Best Tips for Saving Water in Pools

Australia is blessed with wonderfully clean and clear water. This is what makes swimming a joyous and healthy recreation. Even though the water used in pools and spas is much less than what is used in other areas of the house, such as bathrooms, toilets and kitchens, pool and spa owners realise the need to conserve this precious and finite resource. There are several water conservation tips and techniques that can be used by the pool owners to ensure water does not get wasted unnecessarily. For better pool maintenance in Brisbane, professional help may also be sought.

Pool water consumption can be reduced in a number of ways.

Pool Safety Tips

Pool safety has always been a major source of concern in Australia due to the alarming number of deaths in children as a result of drowning incidents. The pool safety laws have been revised time and again to make sure that there is an increased level of safety in and around the pool area. For better pool maintenance in Brisbane, it is important that all possible steps should be taken to make swimming in home pools a safer experience. One of the important factors is installation of the right type of pool fence.

There are several pool safety measures that can be taken to prevent accidents in and around the pool area.

Swimming Lessons for Babies

A lot of homes in Queensland, Australia, have swimming pools and home owners make extensive use of these pools for fun and entertainment. Pool activity is greatly enjoyed by all members of the family, especially babies and toddlers who have a natural affinity with water. It can be a soothing bath time for them. The high number of drowning incidents of children under four, however, has alarmed the authorities and more preventive measures are suggested to make swimming a safer experience. One such method is to teach young babies how to swim from an early stage.

Swimming pools in homes require regular pool maintenance in Brisbane, pool inspections, and other safety rules that are to be strictly followed.

Benefits of Water Softeners for Your Pool

There are many things that need to be done to keep the pool water safe and healthy. Chlorine shock treatment is a common method used by pool owners and pool maintenance companies to make the water clean and sanitized. High levels of calcium and magnesium ions in the water cause water hardness. When there is an imbalance of pH and alkalinity in the water, water sanitizers do not work as efficiently. This leads to growth of bacteria and algae in the pool water and may cause skin rashes and eye irritations. To avoid all this, water softeners and conditioners are used to reduce the effects and damage caused by hard water.

Benefits of Water Hardeners for Your Pool

Water balance in pools is very important. Too soft or too hard water can be damaging not only for the pool but for the health and skin of the swimmers. Regular pool maintenance efforts include checking of water balance including chemical in the pool. Soft water or hard water refers to the concentration of minerals that are dissolved in the water. In case the concentration of calcium, magnesium and iron is low, it is called soft water whereas higher concentration of these minerals makes it hard water. Pool owners make use of water hardeners in order to prevent certain problems in the pool.

Prepare your Pool for a Splashy Summer

Pools are generally the main focus of fun and entertainment for the entire family. While the pool and pool area can be used throughout the year, there is more activity during the summers. Preparing the pool in advance for the summers will let you enjoy pool activities to the extreme. Before the start of the season you can take several steps regarding cleaning and maintenance of the pool to ensure that it is absolutely ready for the busy months ahead. These include cleaning the pool and pool water, checking of all pool equipment, and other safety measures.

The first step for pool maintenance in Brisbane is to remove the pool cover.

Make a Splash this summer

Swimming pools are an essential part of the Aussie summer lifestyle. Covered over and forgotten about in winter, pools are an absolute necessity in the blazing Australian heat. You would be forgiven for thinking that, when the heat of summer comes rolling around, it is simply a matter of just pulling off the cover and jumping in the pool. This would be ideal but the reality is that you do need to do some maintenance in winter in order to get the pool ready for summer fun.

The first step in any pool maintenance programme in Brisbane is to make sure that the pool pump and any other mechanical bits are in good working order.