Why Swimming Pools Builders Recommend Salt Water Pools

In times past, homeowners essentially had only one type of pool from which they could choose: chlorine. Today, however, the chlorine pool is not the only type of pool available on the market. Salt water pools are also now available, and they are rapidly becoming quite popular among homeowners. There are many reasons why homeowners prefer salt water pools to chlorine pools and these reasons include: cost, comfort, and maintenance. Of course, the type of pool a homeowner chooses to purchase should be based on their personal preferences and the needs of their family. Many swimming pool builders in Brisbane now encourage homeowners to consider either installing a salt water pool or converting their chlorine pool to salt water.

Salt Water Pools Cost Less

Salt water pools cost less than chlorine pools. Chlorine pools require the addition of chlorine tablets to the water, and these tablets can cost upwards of $60 or more per bucket. The use of chlorine tablets is essential to the cleanliness of a chlorine pool. Salt water pools in Brisbane work a bit differently because they do not require the addition of chlorine to the water. While it may seem that chlorine pools would be more sanitary than salt water pools, this is not the case. Salt water pools use an electrical charge to split the salt into sodium and chloride. This electrical system basically creates chlorine by changing the chloride into a gas, which then dissolves into the pool's water. Through this process, the pool is sanitized without the addition of chlorine tablets.

Salt Water is More Comfortable

Chlorine water can be irritating to the skin, especially to those with sensitive skin, and it can also be offensive to the senses because of its strong odour. Furthermore, chlorine can be an ear and respiratory system irritant as well. Because salt water pools do not require the addition of chlorine tablets, the pH of a salt water pool is increased. This translates into water that does not irritate the skin or cause burning, itching, or drying. Swimming in salt water pools Brisbane is more comfortable, and the chlorine odour is reduced dramatically.

Salt Water Pools Require Less Maintenance

Homeowners can spend less time making efforts to maintain their pool and more time enjoying it when they choose a salt water pool versus a chlorine pool. Because the pool's electrical system supplies the water with chlorine, homeowners do not have to worry about routinely adding chlorine tablets to the water. Salt will need to be added to the water from time to time, but the comprehensive care required of a salt water pool is minimal compared to a chlorine pool.