Pool Safety - Why It Matters

There are some very sobering statistics available that highlight the critical importance of maintaining excellent pool safety habits at all times. For instance, every year an average of six toddlers drown in pools in Queensland. In most cases, these drownings were completely preventable - had the owners maintained adequate pool safety measures, these terrible tragedies probably wouldn't have occurred. Why do so many of these terrible incidents occur? Because people fail to use pool fencing or other barriers to keep kids from wandering into pool areas and falling in. Conscientious Brisbane pool builders know that fencing is absolutely vital; when you have a pool construction company in Brisbane install your pool, make sure you make arrangements for fencing as well.

The ABCs Of Safety Around Pools

By following three basic principles as a pool owner, you can largely eliminate the majority of mishaps and tragedies from happening in your pool. Learn the following three pieces of advice and stick to them at all costs - they just might save a life someday.

• Always keep a constant eye on toddlers who are playing in or near a pool
• Begin swim lessons and training for your toddler at a very early age, so they grow up knowing the basics of pool safety
• Close the gate into your pool area every time you enter or exit it; make sure that the fence is in proper condition and that it is properly maintained, as well

The Right Kind Of Fence - The Basics

Most pool renovations Brisbane contractors would agree that not just any old fence will do when it comes to maintaining adequate pool safety. Fences should be secure, and not capable of being pushed down or crawled through. They must be 100mm or less to the ground, so that children cannot crawl beneath them and into the danger zone. For optimum safety, pool fences should be at least 1.2m high and any vertical gaps in them should be no larger than 100mm apart. Finally, be careful not to leave objects lying around that small children could use to get themselves over the fence - things like chairs and climbing toys, for example.

Prevent Access With A Proper Gate

The point of a proper gate for your pool area is to enable the appropriate people to get in when they want to - while keeping toddlers and small children safely out. For best results, your pool gate should open outward from the pool so that children can't lean against them and inadvertently open them. Gates must have a sturdy latch, and the latch must be at least 1.5m from the ground. Finally, always use a latch that is self-closing and self-latching; that way, when it will swing shut on its own - then latch closed.